iPhone 15: e-paper screens on the back?

Next year's iPhones may come with additional screens, such as those found on e-readers.

The rumor seems a bit big to be believable, but you never know…

Yuantai signed e-paper screen on iPhone?

According to the Chinese media Economic Daily (via iNews), Apple has partnered with the services of the Yuantai company to add a new feature to future iPhones: two additional screens on the back of the device. More specifically, these are e-paper screens - Yuantai's specialty - of the kind found on e-readers.

E-paper screen on iPhone 15?

This type of technology has the advantage of minimal consumption, and these screens would be used to display information such as the remaining battery, network status, volume or notifications. A prototype has already been produced and this functionality could arrive at the earliest next year, for the iPhone 15 range.