An "old" Xiaomi 9 transformed into a gaming war machine

Do-it-yourself magic to take apart a smartphone released three years ago and transform it into a technological Frankenstein…

The YouTube channel Geekerwan has detailed in a video (below) an ambitious project: transforming a Xiaomi 9 (released in early 2019) into a gaming smartphone with monstrous capabilities.

Changed processor, battery and screen update

It all starts with a used device bought for a hundred dollars and whose old processor is replaced by a more current Snapdragon 855. Updated capacities requiring more power, the original 3,300 mAh battery has been replaced by three identical models mounted in parallel to reach a whopping 9,999 mAh. Naturally, it was necessary to rewrite the system software to make it accept this change, and in passing force the screen to increase its display frequency compared to its original settings.

Bigger 3D printed shell

And who says more power says more heat. It was therefore necessary to sacrifice the camera module to embed a custom cooling system with a 40 millimeter fan. All of these mods take up more space, so the tinkerers 3D printed a bulkier shell to hold all that new gear.

A nice little brick, then, which after comparative tests turns out to be even more powerful than the recent Xiaomi 12 Pro equipped with a Snapdragon 8. Nice!