Oled TV market 2022, growth forecast down, from 27% to 17%

As a direct consequence of the delay in negotiations between LG Display and Samsung Electronics (see our news article Negotiations Oled TV Samsung/LG Display, everything is played out in May…), growth of the 2022 Oled TV market is directly impacted with an increase now expected 17%, compared to 27% initially.

Samsung Oled TVs will therefore be less numerous than expected this year. In fact, if the QD Oled Samsung S95B series will be there in a few days in stores, it is at best shifted to the end of the year, at worst delayed to 2023, for the marketing of White Oled models equipped tiles from LG Display.

Samsung at the origin of the expected half-mast growth of the 2022 Oled TV market

In its latest market study, the firm TrendForce estimates that the 2022 Oled TV market should account for 7.79 million units against 8.46 million forecast (TrendForce recalls that this figure was 6.6 million in 2021). The differential, 670,000 units more or less corresponds to the drop in sales of Oled Samsung TVs now expected for 2022, to 500,000 copies against 1.27 million (Editor's note: this last volume estimated by TrendForce was one of the least optimistic published by the various analysis companies; some advanced for Samsung in 2022 the figure of 2 million OLED TVs sold). In market share forecast, TrendForce advances 6.4% for Samsung in 2022 against 15% expected. Entirely made up of QD Oled screens, therefore.