Samsung, best smartphone batteries inspired by electric cars

The Korean manufacturer will draw inspiration from electric car technology to improve the autonomy of its smartphones.

According to Korean media The Elec, Samsung is developing smartphone batteries inspired by the technology used for electric cars. The mobile division of the Korean manufacturer will thus benefit from the experience of Samsung SDI, a division dedicated to the manufacture of batteries for all types of products, in particular electric vehicles.

Samsung smartphone battery design change coming soon

Today, smartphone batteries use the "Flat Jelly Roll-" design, while those of electric vehicles adopt a "stacked" design. Integrating the latter system would allow mobile batteries to gain up to 10% in capacity, without increasing their size. The production is however not so simple, but Samsung is said to be setting up a dedicated manufacturing line in its Cheonan factories in Seoul, and in Tianjin in China.

The Korean manufacturer should invest at least 85 million dollars to install these production lines. With any luck, this technology could be ready in time for the next Galaxy S23s due in 2023.