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The Devil's Fangs: world exclusive at Carlotta

Somewhere in South America. A political prisoner under the dictatorship of Leonidas Arévalo, the mathematician Aristides Ungria (Jason Miller) manages to escape from his cell. A perilous hunt ensues, at the end of which the prison warden orders his dog to kill the fugitive before he dies. To avenge his master, the animal pursues him to the capital...

Directed in 1976 by Spanish filmmaker Antonio Isasi, The Fangs of the Devil precedes better-known canine works such as Trained to Kill (Samuel Fuller, 1982) or Cujo, adapted from Stephen King's novel by Lewis Teague in 1983. Fierce and determined, the dog of this survival nephew crystallizes the barbarism and all the madness of the Franco regime.

Fierce charge against the Franco dictatorship

Carried by the charismatic Jason Miller (the unforgettable Père Karras from The Exorcist) and Léa Massari (L'avventura, The Professor) and fierce charge against the Franco dictatorship, this rare film appears in world exclusivity (for the very first times at Carlotta's) on May 17.

A perfectly editorialized release

It will be available on Blu-Ray and DVD and offered in original and French DTS-HD Master Audio 1.0 versions with French subtitles, in 1.66 aspect ratio. On the bonus side, the publisher offers us a conversation around the film with producer François Cognard, Mélanie Boissonneau (PhD in Cinema) and journalist Christophe Lemaire (Le bistrot de l'honneur, 27 minutes), followed by Féroce, an exclusive exchange more than half an hour between director Fabrice Du Welz and screenwriter and film historian Fathi Beddiar. Indicative price: 19.99 euros.