Denon Home: Heos subwoofer, ideal companion for the Denon Home 550 soundbar and/or Denon Home speakers

The manufacturer Denon is expanding its range of Heos multiroom wireless speakers with the announcement, a few weeks ago, of the Denon Home subwoofer.

It is now possible to configure a real Home Cinema system with Denon Home references, the brand's Heos multiroom speakers. The Denon Home subwoofer is indeed the ideal companion for the Denon Home 150, Denon Home 250 and Denon Home 350 speakers or the Denon Home 550 soundbar presented a little over a year ago. Namely, it can also be associated with the Denon DHT-S716H soundbar.

Denon Home subwoofer, from 1.1 to 5.1 Getting started is very simple, just connect the Denon Home subwoofer to a power outlet and connect it to the other components of the Home audio system using Wi-Fi, or wired using the Ethernet port . And take advantage of multiple configurations, from 1.1 (Denon Home 150/250/350 + Denon Home subwoofer) to 5.1 (Denon DHT-S716H or Denon Home 550 + Denon Home subwoofer + pair of Denon Home 150/250/ 350) via 2.1 (pair of Denon Home 150/250/350 + Denon Home subwoofer) and 3.1 (Denon DHT-S716H or Denon Home 550 + Denon Home subwoofer).

Denon Home subwoofer, acoustic and connector package The Denon Home subwoofer features an 20.32 cm woofer loaded with bass-reflex and a maximum power of 120 watts. The connections include, in addition to the Ethernet port already mentioned, a USB-A port to enjoy audio content from a suitable key or an external hard drive on Denon Home speakers, and a stereo mini-Jack 3 auxiliary input .5 mm to -again- take advantage on a Denon Home configuration of the musical content stored on a smartphone, a tablet... Last precision, like the products with the Home logo, the Denon Home subwoofer accepts MP3 files, WMA and AAC and Wav, Alac and Flac files up to 192 kHz/24 bit, plus DSD 2.8/5.6 megahertz.

Denon Home subwoofer, settings via the Heos app Of course, we find the classic settings of a subwoofer with in the first place an adjustment of the output level directly on the rear panel of the subwoofer. However, the low-pass filter and phase settings are only accessible from the Heos app.

The Denon Home subwoofer is available immediately. Indicative price: 499 euros.