Smartphone radiation: Top 10 least radiant (and safest?) models

Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, Sony and the others… Which smartphone models emit the most or the least radiation?

Today, there are no studies proving the negative effects of radiation emitted by smartphones on the human body, but doubt remains and some consumers may take this factor into account when choosing their mobile, especially since the most are in almost constant contact with the essential device.

Specific Absorption Rate or SAR in English, DAS in French

Each model emits its own quantity of radiation, a data measured in Specific Absorption Rate (SAR in English and DAS in French for specific absorption rate), i.e. the quantity of electromagnetic energy absorbed by the body . Thus, the Council of the European Union has determined that the standard for smartphones is 2 watts per kilo, measured on 10 grams of body tissue that absorbs the signal at most.

Top 10 strongest and weakest radiation smartphones

Based on the database generated by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection, the Visual Capitalist website has illustrated the SAR of the most popular smartphones (see image at the bottom of our article), as well as the Top 10 of mobiles emitting the most radiation (see image above), and the Top 10 of those emitting the least (see image below).

We will notice that the smartphone emitting the most radiation is the Motorola Edge with an SAR of 1.79. Note also the absence of iPhones from both classifications, and the presence of four Samsung mobiles in the least emissive models.