Cat's Eye: Stephen King's First Script in 4K Ultra HD May 25

The sketch horror comedy Cat's Eye (1985) will be released in a restored 4K UHD edition and on Blu-Ray by Studiocanal on May 25.

Three short stories, all connected by a wandering cat. A smoker (James Woods) tries a bit too extreme a withdrawal cure; a jealous mobster (Kenneth McMillan) tries to get rid of his wife and her lover (Robert Hays) with a dangerous bet. Last sketch: a tiny but very vicious troll haunts the nights of a little girl (Drew Barrymore).

Invisible in France since 2002

Cat's Eye, directed by Lewis Teague (Cujo, The Diamond of the Nile) was in 1985 the first screenplay written directly for the screen by writer Stephen King. The film was not a big success in the United States ($13 million box office) despite a fairly good critical reception. Cat's Eye was only released in France on DVD, and years later (2002).

A rarity loaded with bonuses

It is therefore a rarity that this 4K Ultra HD edition restored from the original negative in 35 millimeters. This new publication, which will appear at the end of May, will be accompanied by attractive bonuses. In addition to an interview with filmmaker Lewis Teague and an audio commentary by the same, we can consult a long meeting with Robert Hays (hero of the saga Is there a pilot on the plane?) as well as an interview with Teresa Ann Miller, the trainer of the film's hero cat. Finally, note the presence of the tasty period trailer for the feature film, a veritable treasure trove of nods to Stephen King's greatest hits.