Oled TV 2022: LG and Samsung are teaming up!

Rumor has been circulating since last April, LG Display and Samsung Electronics would have linked language for the supply to the second named White Oled TV panels manufactured by the first. At the CES show in Las Vegas 2022, the editorial staff of had confirmation of such negotiations with the marketing of Samsung White Oled TVs expected in the second half of 2022. This would be on the right track if we are to believe the Korean press, with the first deliveries of White Oled panels scheduled for this second quarter.

“Yesterday's enemy is today's comrade” is the title of the paper by our Korean colleague ChosunBiz… This perfectly sums up the partnership that the enemy brothers LG and Samsung would have just formed via their subsidiary LG Display, manufacturer White Oled TV panels and Samsung Electronics in charge of marketing the brand's electronic goods.

Supply of 2 million Oled LG Display TV panels to Samung in 2022

And the figures put forward in our previous publications on the subject (see our news LG Display Oled TV panels at Samsung? The return of the rumour) are about to be confirmed: Samsung Electronics would therefore have bought 2 million panels White Oled to add its electronics (video processing, Smart TV, etc.) and market them with the Samsung logo.

TV White Oled and RGB Oled at Samsung in 2022

These Oled TVs would quickly complete, probably from this summer, the Samsung Oled TV offer which currently includes the Samsung S95B series (see our news Samsung S95B, Oled Ultra HD 4K TV officially announced for May in France) based on OLED RGB panels developed by the company Samsung Display (the equivalent of LG Display at Samsung). Precision, initially, the Samsung S95B TVs will be marketed only in Europe and North America due to insufficient production capacity on the part of Samsung Display, approximately 500,000 to 600,000 panels.

On the other hand, no details have been communicated as to the duration of this OLED panel supply contract, initially sub-odorized for a period of two years.