Streaming, the future of video games?

With the evolution of technology and a suitable strategy, Cloud Gaming could one day supplant the more traditional video game.

While video has already made great strides in this area, video games are beginning to make the transition to a standard based on streaming.

Cloud Gaming, Yop 3 and market figures

According to the firm Ampere Analysis (via mediaplaynews), 5% of the turnover of the American and European video game market for the year 2021 was generated by Cloud Gaming, i.e. 57% better than in 2020, and that proportion is expected to double by 2027. The streaming video game, or Cloud Gaming, market is dominated by Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Sony's PlayStation Now services, followed by Nvidia's GeForce Now. Also according to Ampere, Cloud Gaming should overtake downloadable games (app stores, Steam, etc.) within five years.

To ensure its success, streaming games must convince a new audience, especially on mobile, knowing that today consoles dominate the Cloud Gaming market.