Get out of winter with Nanoleaf illuminating panels

The connected lighting specialist Nanoleaf reminds us of its perfect range to get out of winter gently.

Nanoleaf is taking advantage of the arrival of spring to remind us of the qualities of its range of connected lighting.

Nanoleaf Essentials, make its interior more attractive

Starting with the Nanoleaf Essentials connected bulbs equipped with the Adaptive Lighting function, or circadian lighting: depending on the time of day, the light gradually changes, going from warm temperatures in the morning to cold temperatures later in the day. They also allow the programming of a smart light alarm, morning and evening via the Nanoleaf application.

The word to Eva Stuart, expert in interior decoration

We also note the new intelligent light panels Nanoleaf Lines and Nanoleaf Shapes which, among other things, come alive in real time according to background music. "Take advantage of low light to create a soothing ambiance using candles and warm light fixtures, Nanoleaf Elements wood-look hexagons are perfect for this," says interior design expert Eva Stuart (@homebystuart). Even though we try to venture outside in the cold seasons, there is no doubt that it is more difficult, so it is a simple way to make the interior more attractive”.