Official, Sony confirms VRR on PS5 in the coming months

Via a communication on the PlayStation blog, Sony has just confirmed the upcoming arrival on the PlayStation 5 of the VRR function.

Sony promises us, through an upcoming Firmware update, support for the VRR feature will be a reality in the near future on the PS5.

PS5 and VRR, the word to Sony

“We are also excited that VRR (variable refresh rate) support is coming to PS5 in the coming months. On HDMI 2.1 compatible monitors and TVs, this option dynamically synchronizes the display refresh rate to the video output of the PS5 console. The visual performance of PS5 games will therefore be increased by reducing or eliminating visual artifacts like frame rate issues or screen tearing. Many PS5 games will feel smoother, with instant scene rendering, crisper graphics, and reduced input latency. PS5 games that have already been released will be able to be fully optimized for VRR via a patch. Future games should feature VRR support upon release. »

PS5 and VRR, a plus even for games that don't support it…

And since good news never comes alone, Sony also said, “In addition, you can also choose to apply VRR on PS5 games that do not support it. This feature may improve the video quality of some games. If you experience any display issues, you can disable this option at any time. Both VRR and this secondary option can be enabled or disabled. Note: Results may vary depending on your TV and the game you are playing. We'll let you know more details closer to the launch of this feature, including the names of some of the games that will support Variable Refresh Rate through a patch. »

Of course, to enjoy it, the TV to which the PS5 is connected must also be VRR compatible.