Trailer Tokyo Vice, Michael Mann's series soon on Canal

Tokyo Vice, Michael Mann's new series, is unveiled in pictures before its upcoming arrival on Canal+.

Stamped HBO Max, the new series by Michael Mann, of which he directed the first episode, is revealed through a first trailer which immediately sets the tone and color.

The young journalist and the Yakusas

Stylized images, captivating layers of music, a nervous, even anxiety-provoking atmosphere. No doubt, we are at Michael Mann. Inspired by a true story, the story takes place in Tokyo in the 90s, when Jake Adelstein, a young idealistic 24-year-old American journalist, decides to investigate the Japanese police and mafia.

Ansel Elgort (West Side Story by Steven Spielberg) plays the reporter opposite Japanese actor Ken Watanabe (police inspector Hiroto Katagiri), but also Rachel Keller (Fargo, Legion) and Ella Rumpf (Grave) .

First series for 10 years

The first three episodes of Tokyo Vice will be available from April 7 on the American platform HBO Max and a little later on Canal+. It had been ten years since the Luck series with Dustin Hoffman that Michael Mann had not been involved in a series project.