Two different chips for the iPhone 14?

For the first time, the next iPhone Pro could be distinguished from "non-Pro" iPhones by an additional key feature.

According to Taiwanese Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, for the upcoming iPhone 14 lineup, only the two Pro models will feature Apple's new A16 chip, while both iPhone 14 and Max will retain the A15 Bionic chip iPhone 13s.

Major difference between iPhone 14 Pro and non Pro

It would be a first, knowing that the iPhones of the same range have always been equipped with the same new main processor. This would be a new major point of differentiation between the Pro and non-Pro versions, which could be generalized to all future iPhone ranges.

6 GB of Ram on all iPhone 14?

Also according to Ming-Chi Kuo, the four iPhone 14s will be equipped with 6 GB of Ram memory, except that this will be of the LPDDR 4X type for the iPhone 14s, and LPDDR 5 for the iPhone 14 Pros. The latter is faster and consumes less battery. Information that goes against previous rumors that predicted 8 GB of Ram on the Pro models instead. As a reminder, today the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini have 4 GB of Ram, 6 GB for the iPhone 13 Pro, i.e. equipment identical to the iPhone 12 range.