LG joins Alliance for Open Media and adopts AV1 video codec

It is done ! LG is now an official member of the Alliance for Open Media foundation along with Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Netflix and Samsung. As a reminder, the purpose of this organization is to promote the AV1 Open Source and royalty-free video codec.

Founded in 2015 to develop and promote the AV1 video codec, a competitor to VVC (H.266) to replace HEVC (H.265), the Alliance for Open Media counts with LG in its ranks among the most influential players of the video.

The floor to Matt Frost, president of AOMedia and director of Google

“We look forward to collaborating with LG on the next generation of media streaming technologies. LG's expertise in smart devices will make it a valuable contributor to AOMedia's projects,” said Matt Frost, President of AOMedia and Director of Google. from LG Electronics

“We look forward to working collaboratively to further develop and adopt innovative AV1-compatible online video streaming solutions as a member of AOMedia. We look forward to exploring new possibilities to innovate online video across a wide range of applications,” said Kim Byoung-hoon, CTO and EVP of LG-Electronics.

AV1, kesako?

As a reminder, AV1 technology is 20% to 40% more efficient than HEVC in terms of throughput. In a nutshell, this translates to better video quality at constant bitrate or constant video quality for lower bitrate. As mentioned above in this news, at the time of writing (remains to be seen how the new Mpeg5 EVBC codec will evolve), AV1 is the main competitor of the VVC codec which will succeed HEVC for the management of 4K Ultra HD and 8K UHD videos.

If only certain TVs on the market, those from LG (on YouTube but not via Nerflix), Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony and TCL support AV1, these should multiply in the future, whether brands are part of AOMedia or not.