Oppo Watch Free, new connected watch (108 sport modes) with sleep monitoring

Oppo releases its new smartwatch, the Watch Free, which performs particularly well for health monitoring and sleep tracking.

The Oppo Watch Free connected watch is equipped with a 1.64'' (4.17 cm) Amoled screen with a resolution of 280 x 456 pixels and weighs barely 33 grams. This featherweight does not prevent it from performing on the performance side, especially in terms of health monitoring.

Oppo Watch Free: OSleep sleep tracking function

The OSleep system thus offers complete sleep monitoring, with professional-level analyses. The watch keeps track of every moment: before, during and after sleep. The risks associated with snoring are comprehensively assessed, through the detection of the average blood oxygen level (continuous monitoring of SpO2) during sleep, the number of snores and the decibels emitted, in order to detect possible respiratory disorders.

108 sports modes and arrhythmia detection

On the sports side, the Oppo Watch Free is equipped with a six-axis motion sensor and an optical heart rate sensor, which can support more than 100 sports modes. Note also the 24-hour heart rate monitoring, with vibration to warn the user of an arrhythmia.

With a 14-day battery life, the watch only needs 5 minutes of charging to ensure a full day of use. Available in black or vanilla from March 24, 2022 at a recommended retail price of 99.99 euros.