Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 3, Dolby Atmos 3.1.2 soundbar

The B&W Panorama 3 soundbar succeeds the first of the name launched in the spring of 2009 and the second in 2012. The latest version offers many new features, in particular with Dolby Atmos compatibility, in addition to a different aesthetic.

Dolby Atmos 3.1.2 audio system, the B&W Panorama 3 comes in the form of a classic soundbar with built-in subwoofer.

B&W Panorama 3, acoustic package

Its dimensions (just over 1.20 m in length) make it suitable for televisions of 42'' (107 cm) and more. And the height, limited to 65 mm, of the Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 3 allows it to be easily positioned under most televisions.

Technically, the soundbar incorporates thirteen speakers: three 19mm titanium dome tweeters + six 50mm full-range drivers for the left, center and right channels, plus two 50mm Up-Firing speakers for the channels Height and two 100 mm boomers for low frequencies. Powered by Class D amplification, the set delivers a total power of 150 watts. These speakers are powered by ten amplifiers with a power of 40 W each, for a total of 400 watts.

B&W Panorama 3, Bluetooth 5.0 APT-X and AirPlay 2 compatibility

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 APT-X and AirPlay 2 compatibility to take advantage of audio content from a suitable device (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.), the Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 3 can advantageously replace the Hi-Fi system in the living room. We can cite the Spotify Connect certification.

Amazon Alexa, features and connectivity

Also worth mentioning, the integrated voice assistant Amazon Alexa (possibility of deactivating it completely) to access the main music platforms and for easy integration into a suitable multiroom system. Namely, if the B&W Panorama 3 is Dolby Atmos compatible, DTS: X is not included. In terms of ergonomics, a central pad groups together the sensitive transport keys. Similarly, the soundbar can be controlled by the Bowers & Wilkins app.

Connections include an HDMI CEC 1.4 (eARC) output, an optical input and an Ethernet port.

The floor to Stéphanie Willems, President of Bowers & Wilkins

“We are thrilled to launch the new Panorama 3, our first Dolby Atmos soundbar. It combines all the performance and craftsmanship of a Bowers & Wilkins product with the very best in sleek design and ease of use. I'm sure our fans will love its combination of ambient sound and comprehensive functionality. »

Available in black. Indicative price: 999 euros.

Reminder of the key characteristics of the Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 3:

• Type: soundbar

• System: 3.1.2

• Amplification: Class D

• Power total: 400 W

• Loudspeaker(s): 3 x 19 mm titanium dome tweeters + 6 x 50 mm full-range tweeters for left, center and right channels, plus 2 x 50 mm Up-Firing speakers for channels Height and two 100 mm boomers for low frequencies

• Subwoofer: integrated

• AirPlay 2 compatibility

• CEC compatibility

• eARC compatibility

• Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility

• Spotify Connect function

• Input(s): 1 optical input and 1 Ethernet port.

• Output(s): 1 eARC-certified HDMI CEC 1.4 output

• Application: Bowers & Wilkins Music App

• Frequency response: 43-48,000 Hz

• Dolby Atmos decoder

• Dolby Digital decoder

• Dolby Digital Plus decoder

• Decoder Dolby TrueHD

• Alexa Built-in voice assistant

• Dimensions (W x H x D, mm): 1210 x 65 x 140 mm

• Weight : 6.5 kg