Foldable screen smartphones, growing commercial success

While still a niche market, the foldable screen smartphone market continues to grow.

The foldable screen smartphone market is still young and is currently only aimed at the most affluent consumers. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), more than 7.1 million foldable smartphones were distributed in 2021. A fairly low figure in absolute terms, but still three times higher than that of 2020 -1.9 million- representing a growth of 264.3%.

Growth of around 70% per year until 2025

According to the IDC, the annual growth rate of this segment would be 69.9% until 2025, when 27.6 million units should be distributed. Growth should even accelerate as the technology is amortized and accessible to less privileged exchanges.

The word to Anthony Scarsella of the IDC

“The recent success of Samsung's foldable devices has breathed new life into this class of smartphone as competitors race to enter the market,” said IDC's Anthony Scarsella. Samsung has proven that there is demand when the price is right. We've already seen other manufacturers launch their foldables this year, and we expect more to come in to take market share from Samsung as this design grows in popularity."