Sony Bravia XR 2021 TV: VRR update expected before mid-March

Announced during the presentation of the 2021 Sony TV range, the VRR update of these televisions is remembered in our fond memories with information signed by Vincent Teoh from the HDTVTest site. In one of those recent Twitter posts, he says it's scheduled for March.

Better late than never ! But all the same… Sony will have taken the time to provide the promised VRR Firmware update. Our colleague also specifies, mischievously, that the month of March mentioned (see tweet below) for the next version of the Sony Bravia XR 2021 TV software does indeed concern the month of March 2022 (implied not 2023…).

List of affected Sony Bravia XR TVs

If the joke is easy, it remains relevant and has the effect of putting the finger where it hurts so much the wait for the owners of a Sony 2021 TV will have been long: a year. Normally deployed between March 2 and 16 depending on the country, this new firmware should therefore significantly improve the quality of the display in the presence of a VRR signal (Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC gaming). As a reminder, the TV series concerned are as follows:

• Sony X90J LED TV

• Sony X95J LED TV

• Sony Z9J LED TV

• Sony A80J Oled TV

• TV Oled Sony A90J

Vincent Teoh also specifies that for Sony 2022 TVs, VRR compatibility will be directly applicable.