Samsung 2022 Ultra HD Neo QLED 4K/8K TV, 6 series on the program

Remember, at the beginning of January, a few hours before the opening of the CES show in Las Vegas 2022, rolled out the new Samsung TV range with no less than thirteen series including six Neo QLED (Mini LED), excluding series Lifestyle (The Frame, The Sero, The Serif, The Terrace) and excluding special series intended exclusively for a distributor (Darty, Boulanger, Leclerc, etc.). Since then, slight changes have taken place for the Neo QLED models which are detailed below.

Compared to our first publication on the 2022 Samsung TV lineup, the Ultra HD 4K QN85B series is disappearing while the UHD 8K Samsung QN700B series is appearing directly in the spring and not in the last quarter as in previous years.

Samsung TV 2022: Mini LED, QD Oled/QD-Display, White Oled, QLED, LCD

The Samsung TV 2022 catalogue, still setting aside the Lifestyle TV series, should therefore revolve around eleven LCD TV series (Crystal UHD, QLED and Neo QLED with Mini LED), a QD Oled TV series and a series White Oled TV (Oled LG Display panel).

Samsung 2022 TV range, known and subodorous TV series

In the listing below, we recapitulate the Samsung 2022 TV range smelled at the time of writing these lines, after having transposed the Korean references into European models:

• Samsung AU7000: 2021 models renewed in 2022

• Samsung BU8000: KU43BU8000 (43''), KU50BU8000 (50''), KU55BU8000 (55''), KU60BU8000 (60''), KU65BU8000 (65''), KU75BU8000 (75'') and KU85BU8000 (85''); marketing scheduled from April 2022

• Samsung BU9000: marketing scheduled from April 2022

• Samsung Q60B: QE43Q60B (43''), QE50Q60B (50''), QE55Q60B (55''), QE60Q60B (60''), QE65Q60B (65''), QE75Q60B (75'') and QE85Q60B (85''); marketing planned from April 2022

• Samsung Q70B: QE55Q70B (55''), QE65Q70B (65''), QE75Q70B (75'') and QE85Q70B (85'')

• Samsung QN85B: QE55QN85B (55''), QE65QN85B (65''), QE75QN85B (75''); marketing planned from April 2022 and QE85QN85B (85'')

• Samsung QN90B: QE43QN90B (43''), QE50QN90B (50''), QE55QN90B (55''), QE65QN90B (65') '), QE75QN90B (75''), QE85QN90B (85'') and QE98QN90B (98''); marketing planned from April 2022

• Samsung QN95B: QE55QN95B (55''), QE65QN95B (65''), QE75QN95B (75'') and QE85QN95B (85''); marketing planned from April 2022

• Samsung QN700B: QE55QN700B (55''), QE65QN700B (65'') and QE75QN700B (75''); marketing planned from April 2022

• Samsung QN800B: QE65QN800B (65''), QE75QN800B (75'') and QE85QN800B (85''); marketing planned from April 2022

• Samsung QN900B: QE65QN900B (65''), QE75QN900B (75'') and QE85QN900B (85''); marketing scheduled from April 2022

• Samsung QS95B (QD Oled/QD-Display): QE55QS95B (55'') and QE65QSB (65''), marketing scheduled for summer 2022

• Samsung White Oled: marketing planned for the second half of 2022

4 Samsung Lifestyle TV Series

To this list, we must therefore add the Korean manufacturer's Lifestyle televisions for a total of 17 TV series:

• Samsung Lifestyle TV: The Frame, The Serif, The Sero, The Terrace

As a reminder, The Frame TV series will already be renewed with the 2022 Samsung LS03B references (see our CES 22 news > Samsung The Frame LS03B Ultra HD 4K TV, Lifestyle TV from 43'' to 85 ''). Similarly, the other Lifestyle TV series (The Sero, TheSerif, The Terrace) should be refreshed during 2022, in particular to integrate a brand new LCD panel coating intended to magnify the rendering of the photos and inaugurated on the specimens. The Frame 2022.