Valve is preparing a Steam console to compete with the Switch

The creators of the popular online game distribution service Steam could launch their own portable console this year.

After crossing multiple sources considered to be safe and informed, the arstechnica site reveals that Valve has been developing a portable console for a while that could be ready at the end of the year, although it may be delayed (or even canceled).

Codename SteamPal

Codenamed SteamPal, the machine is actually a PC packed into a portable Switch-like enclosure: touchscreen, controllers, buttons and triggers, and even the ability to connect to a TV. Removable controllers are missing, however.

Objective simplicity of use

The console would allow access to the many games in the Steam catalog, to enjoy them in a simplified way compared to their computer version. With an attractive price and adequate communication, such a machine could find its audience. To be continued.