8 GB of Ram for the iPhone 14 Pro?

Will the next iPhones be the first to have 8 GB of Ram memory?

Where Android smartphones benefit from up to 16 GB for their RAM, Apple remains very conservative in this area.

How much memory in iPhone?

The manufacturer has offered 4 GB of Ram since the iPhone XS Max of 2018, and it took until the iPhone 12 Pro to increase to 6 gigabytes. Today the iPhone 13 Pro have 6 GB of Ram, while the iPhone 13 still does not let go of the 4 gigabyte chips.

More memory in iPhone 14?

But that could finally change with the iPhone 14 Pro next school year if we are to believe a user of the Korean blog Naver (via MacRumors), who claims to have sources within local manufacturing chains, and who has already in the past made proven predictions. Also, other sources have already reported this 8 GB rumor in recent weeks.