Philips S4807 and Philips S7807, portable Bluetooth speakers for athletes

The Philips Audio Sport series is enriched with two new speakers that are water and dust resistant and easily transportable, the Philips S4807 and Philips S7807.

The Philips S4807 and Philips S7807 wireless speakers (Bluetooth 5.2 multipoint connection) complete the Philips Audio Sport range. Associated with a smartphone, they authorize the activation of the voice assistant and they can easily switch to hands-free kit mode via the Push to Talk function.

Philips S7807 and Philips S4807, water and dust resistant

Available in black/red and white/yellow, they feature a tough double-layer rubber finish and are water and dust resistant. Namely, they can be paired with another identical speaker to obtain a true stereo effect (see second photo above), and they are easy to carry thanks to a detachable strap (see second photo below).

Philips S7807, acoustic package

With dimensions of 104 x 104 x 280 mm, the S7807 speaker has two 20 mm tweeters, two 70 mm midrange-woofers, and a passive membrane to reinforce the impact of low frequencies. Its power is 40 W and the autonomy displays 24 hours. Namely, the Philips S7807 speaker also acts as a 5000 mAh power bank to charge another device.

Philips S4807, acoustic package

The Philips S4807 loudspeaker has a more compact size, 70 x 70 x 169 mm, and is equipped with a 45 x 80 mm mid/bass driver plus two passive membranes. Its power peaks at 10 W for an autonomy of up to 12 hours.

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