nVidia Shield Experience 9.0.1 Update (Android 11): Multiple Bug Fixes

The Californian company nVidia offers the Shield Experience 9.0.1 update for its nVidia Shield Android TV multimedia boxes. Just to fix the host of bugs that accompanied the 9.0 update…

The American firm nVidia is once again demonstrating its seriousness with its nVidia Shield TV multimedia boxes, which benefited from the Android 11 operating system at the beginning of January.

Shield Experience 9.0 update full of bugs…

Unfortunately, for once, a multitude of bugs (about thirty identified) accompanied the Shield Experience 9.0 software. If many of these bugs are minor, the Plex server application used by many of you has been inoperative since... Starting today, and by the end of the week or even the beginning of the following week, the update Update Firmware Shield Experience 9.0.1 is therefore, or will be, offered.

List of new features in Shield Experience 9.0.1

• Major issues fixed

- Fixes Plex Media Server issues- Fixes storage permission issues on media players, file browsers and emulator apps- Fixes stutter (motion blur ) when playing interlaced content

• HDMI/Display- Fixes video issue when watching YouTube TV- Fixes issue where HDMI CEC volume control adjusted through two increments- Removes thumbnail overlay when taking a screenshot - Fix screen rotated 90° issue - Restore "beta" description to Match Frame Rate


• Audio- Fixed bug where audio was lost after switching to Dolby Audio Processing- Resolves Bluetooth audio issue when Audio Formats is set to manual

• Storage- Fixes issue where SD card was not detected after reboot- Fixes issue where files on selected storage were not visible when connecting over local network

- Fixes issue where Android folders are automatically created when connecting storage - Fixes bug where files cannot be copied to removable storage when connecting over LAN from a Mac - Fixed a bug when copying files to Shield over LAN when the app is running on Shield- Fixed a bug where Kodi media files were not visible when connecting over LAN

• Network- Fixed a bug where the Wi-Fi Roaming Enabled switch was not working properly- Resolves the issue where the user is prompted again to connect to Wi-Fi after successfully connecting to networks

• Accessories- Fixes Kodi bug where Shield TV app, Control4 and other remotes would not work properly- Fixes Kodi issue where long press on Select or menu was not detected correctly- Fixes issue on Xbox controllers where pressing the Xbox button did not bring up the Stadia menu - Fixed bug where IR volume control was disabled when USB Dac was connected - Fixes navigation issues when selecting folders to grant file and media permissions

• Cast- Fixes cases where the Shield box would not be visible as a casting device

• Miscellaneous- Fixed a bug where Kodi system files were inaccessible- Fixed a bug where the playing status of videos was displayed on the home screen