And you, what do you think of the trailer for The Lord of the Rings, the series?

Prime Video has released the first trailer for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

The trailer unveiled last night during the Super Bowl lasts one minute and already gives an overview of the tone and rendering of the series.

The best, really?

We set the scene: the voice-over of a child on images of a waterfall in slow motion, a person on a raft, another shooting an archery, a galloping horse and a screaming soldier... A anthology which, if it really represents the best of the series, seems a little disappointing. The CGI, the textures, the actors, the costumes...yes, it's all nice and beautifully done, but it all looks a bit too clean and slick at this point.

To be continued

We now understand a little better the declaration of the two showrunners who explained a few days ago that we should not expect the same level of violence and sex as in Game of Thrones. A first mixed impression therefore, to be confirmed or not (we hope) from September 2 on Amazon.