The PS5 soon controllable by voice

Sony is testing a feature that allows users to control their PlayStation 5 by voice, like Google Assistant, Siri or Alexa.

The magic phrase "Hey PlayStation" will soon make it possible to control various commands of the PS5 console by voice, to find and launch games, applications and other options, as well as navigate during a video or a song.

PS5, voice control soon in French

The feature is currently available to PS5 system software beta users, but only in the US and UK, in English at this time. No doubt other languages, including French, will be added in the future.

How to become a beta tester?

Namely, you can also qualify to become a PlayStation beta tester to try out new features by signing up here. And you will find on this other link the last improvements in test brought to the user interface, and to the accessibility options.