BOE supplier of screens for the iPhone 15 Pro?

The budding relationship between Chinese supplier BOE and Apple is on the way to solidification.

According to information from the Korean site The Elec, the Chinese screen manufacturer BOE will supply Oled LTPO screens for the future iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max from 2023.

2020, BOE recalibrated on the iPhone 12

As a reminder, in 2020 the manufacturer BOE had not reached Apple's quality standards to equip the iPhone 12, however the company subsequently managed to enter Apple's production chain, but only for refurbished products.

2021, BOE accepted for iPhone 13

Last year, BOE moved up the ranks by being accepted among the screen suppliers for the iPhone 13. The technologically more advanced Pro and Pro Max versions, however, remained in the hands of the Korean Samsung.

2023, BOE supplier of the iPhone 15 Pro

BOE intends to improve its production capacities for Oled LTPO screens - allowing a 120 Hz refresh rate - in time to integrate them into the iPhone 15 Pro. As for the iPhone 14s for the next school year, the Pro and Pro Max screens will be produced by Samsung and LG.