iPhone and iPad capable of recharging accessories… with the screen?

Apple mobiles could one day charge AirPods and other accessories via their screen.

The Gizmochina site recently spotted a patent filed by Apple in the United States, entitled “wireless charging through the screen”. To sum up, the document describes a technology that will make it possible to recharge wireless devices by placing them on the screen of an iPhone or an iPad.

Refills dedicated to Apple accessories

In detail, only a portion of the screen is dedicated to this task, but the patent does not specify whether the screen continues to function when it is in the loading phase. The document also indicates that charging will be reserved for accessories, such as AirPods headphones, the Apple Watch or the Apple Pencil, which consume less energy than another iPhone or iPad (imagine a stack of iPhones charging each other others…)

The advantage of such technology -unlike that already existing via the back of the device- is to be able to keep the screen visible even when the device is charging.