BOE reveals first-ever 500Hz display

The Chinese manufacturer BOE pushes the limits of the refresh rate of Full HD LCD screens.

It is in the pages of the Chinese newspaper Sina (via wccftech) that BOE announces that it has built a prototype screen with a refresh rate of 500 Hz, well beyond the maximum of 360 Hz monitors launched in 2020.

Oxide instead of silicon

The 27'' (68 cm) 1080p LCD screen is even labeled "500Hz+", suggesting that BOE's technology can go beyond 500 hertz. To achieve this feat, the Chinese manufacturer's prototype does not use the usual amorphous silicon (a-Si) for the transistor layer, but replaces it with oxide, used in some OLED screens.

8K 120Hz 110'' (279cm) LCD screen

Before such 500Hz screens can be mass produced, there will be several technical issues to address, including material instability to light and high currents, not to mention other manufacturing difficulties. However, the same technology has enabled BOE to mass-produce 110'' (279 cm) 8K 120 Hz Ultra HD LCD displays.