LG C2 and LG G2 OLED TVs, OLED EX panels and Brightness Booster Max…

We now know a little more about the 2022 vintage LG Oled TV series, especially in terms of on-board panels.

While the LG A2 and LG B2 Oled TV series will have "classic" Oled panels, like the LG A1 and LG B1 vintage 2021, the LG C2 and LG G2 TV series will be equipped with Oled Evo panels. Behind this name hides, in 2022, an EX panel (see our CES 22 news > New Oled EX TV panel from LG Display, 30% more brightness?) associated with an Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor (see our news CES 22 > New Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor for LG Oled TV and QNED Mini LED). Including the Philips OLED807 series, also equipped with Oled EX panels from LG Display, we are therefore at three TV series with Oled EX panels.

Brightness Booster Max (LG G2) and Brightness Booster (LG C2)

As a reminder, the LG G2 series includes the Brightness Booster feature (CES 22 > LG G2 Evo Brightness Booster Oled TV, 20% brighter than the LG C2 Evo) in the form announced by the manufacturer at the CES show in Las Vegas in early January, a heat sink. If we don't yet know exactly the nature of this "radiator", we do know that LG G2 TVs will have the Brightness Booster Max feature while LG C2 TVs will only offer the Brightness Booster feature.

This naming distinction results in a light peak differential of around 10% between the LG C2 and LG G2 screens (see photo of the LG OLED97G2 below), to the benefit of the latter of cours. To be more clear, this gives a peak light about 20% higher on LG C2 TVs compared to LG B2 TVs, 30% higher for LG G2 TVs compared to LG B2 TVs.

What about LG OLED42C2 and LG OLED48C2 Evo TVs?

Remains the particular case of the LG OLED42C2 and LG OLED48C2 TVs which we know will adopt the Evo surname while their Oled panel will be a classic specimen. According to the latest news from LG Electronics, the reduced pitch size of the 42'' and 48'' Oled panels would not allow you to take advantage of the extra brightness of an Evo panel (heating problem?), which is why they would be deprived of it. More details later.