Music, fitness… all about the little habits of streaming during the holidays

Patterns of downloading and using mobile apps change significantly during the holidays.

Specialists in mobile marketing, the firm Adjust (via Advanced Television) studied the download and use trends of mobile applications during the holiday period - from December 23 to New Year's Day - compared to the rest of the world. 'year. The results are interesting.

+24 more music streaming on the 31st

We thus learn that streaming applications experienced a peak in downloads and usage during this period, especially on December 25 when downloads were 86% higher than the annual average. Music streaming also saw an increase, with +24% just for New Year's Eve.

Fitness goes back thanks to good resolutions

Special mention also for health and fitness applications which, for their part, experienced a drop during this period, festive meals oblige. December 24 was the worst day with a 48% drop from the annual average. But due to good resolutions, installs during the first week of 2022 are up 39% compared to the 2021 average (and 161% compared to December 24). Usage sessions are also up 54% over Christmas.