Big success for the iPhone 13

Strong demand outstripping supply is driving record success for Apple's latest line of iPhones.

According to estimates by analyst firm Webdush, 40 million iPhone 13s were sold over the holiday period, a record figure for Apple.

2022 is looking good for Apple

According to the firm's sources within the supply chain, demand outstripped supply by 12 million units in the last quarter of 2021. In fact, the first two quarters of 2022 announce the good news since the problems of shortage of components are supposed to be solved gradually.

Apple, first capitalization at 3,000 billion dollars

Webdush adds that China has been a key market for Apple over the past twelve months (we've already told you about it), and that the shortage of components is only a temporary concern for Apple, which has become the first company capitalized to the tune of 3,000 billion dollars from the first days of 2022.