Nintendo Switch Oled dock available separately

The docking station for the new Switch can be obtained separately. For what interest, will you tell us? Answer below.

Nintendo took everyone by surprise by recently unveiling the new Switch Oled console, differentiating itself in particular by a larger and better quality Oled screen (therefore!). On the other hand, no Ultra HD 4K therefore, contrary to what the many rumors about it estimated.

New dock with Ethernet port, compatible with the original Switch

The dock has also been updated, with the main change being the addition of an Ethernet port, allowing a better internet connection if your Wi-Fi is faulty . If the new screen does not appeal to you but the new port interests you, know that Nintendo will offer the new dock for sale separately, and that it is of course compatible with the original Switch.

Nintendo Switch Dock Oled soon on sale on the Nintendo website

Knowing that the current dock is sold separately for around 85 € (indicative price), there is a chance that the new dock will be a bit more expensive. Note that it will only be sold on the Nintendo online store (at least in the United States) and that it will not be distributed by regular third-party resellers. Source: Digital Trends