CES 22> 8K Ultra HD TV TCL Ultra Slim Mini LED: 85 '', 3.6 mm thick, 2000 zones

If the Chinese manufacturer TCL took advantage of the CES show in Las Vegas 2022 to highlight its mobile division, as usual, its stand was full of technological demonstrations. One of the most sensational was also one of the most extraordinary at CES, an 85 '' (216 cm) 8K Ultra Slim Mini LED TV that foreshadows the TCL Mini LED TVs of the future.

As we know, TCL relies heavily on the Mini LED process to offer superior performance in terms of image quality and unveils its technological advances year after year, at international trade fairs. The latter, associated with Quantum Dots, according to the Asian manufacturer allows wide coverage (i.e. close to 100%) of the Rec.2020 gamut, an objective impossible to achieve with White Oled TV panels signed LG Display.

TCL Ultra Slim Mini LED 85 '', only 3.6mm thick

Since the 2018 edition, which saw the presentation of the first Mini LED prototype TV signed TCL, the Chinese manufacturer has caused a sensation every year, or almost, at the CES in Las Vegas with various Mini LED developments. After the Vidrian technology unveiled in 2020 (see our news (Update) CES 20> QLED TV TCL Vidrian Mini LED 5,000 zones, availability end of 2020), and the OD Zero TV presented in 2021 (see our CES 21 news> TV Mini LED Ultra HD 8K QLED TCL 85 '' with OD Zero technology), TCL is once again making a splash in Las Vegas in 2022 with an Ultra Slim Mini LED 85 '' (216 cm) LED TV with extreme thickness over its entire surface , only 3.6 millimeters. Bluffing!

TCL Ultra Slim Mini LED 85 '', 4th generation of the Mini LED backlight system

Resembling two drops of water to an OLED TV, the TCL 85 '' Ultra Slim Mini LED Ultra HD 8K LED TV does indeed embed a backlighting system with approximately 2,000 zones. TCL indicates that this new television is equipped with the fourth generation of Mini LED backlighting (OD Zero for the third and Vidrian for the second). If no details were formulated by the TCL representatives about an upcoming marketing of an Ultra Slim Mini LED TV (Vidrian did not finally see the light of day in stores, OD Zero yes), this prototype does however provide valuable information on the path explored by the manufacturer.