Star Wars Yoda statue, in your garden you will pose

If you were missing something to decorate the house, it's definitely this statue of Grandmaster Yoda.

Lucasfilm has teamed up with Kotobukiya to create this Yoda fountain-inspired statue in place in the courtyard of the Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco since 2005. This 22cm high cold porcelain reproduction is Collector's item as it will not be sold only 1,138 copies, in homage to the film THX 1138 of George Lucas.

In July in Japan

And Kotobukiya does not laugh with the notion of Collector since the mold used to make the item will literally be destroyed once the last copy is fired. Hand painted, this Yoda statue was created to celebrate Lucasfilm's 50th anniversary and is expected to be available from July 2022 in Japan.