CES 22> LG 2022 Smart TV: new WebOS 22 interface

Among the information unveiled by LG on its new TV 2022 range, we note the evolution of the Smart TV interface. And there is a change… First in its name with the adoption of the vintage suffix for WebOS 22. Then in the functionalities to improve personalization and recommendations.

First of all, LG announces that all 2022 Smart TVs benefit from the new WebOS 22 interface.

WebOS 22, up to six custom profiles

Without saying too much about the 2022 features, the brand specifies that the new operating system refines the changes proposed in 2021, always with a view to improving personalization and content recommendations. LG 2022 Smart TV users will now be able to create up to six profiles, all accessible from the home page. And for each of them are managed the installed applications, personalized recommendations, sports alerts… In short, a personal interface is thus offered according to the profiles.

WebOS 22, Ambient mode on the menu

Like what Samsung has been offering in its Smart TVs for several years, LG has integrated an Ambient mode in WebOS 22. Thus, the screen can display the time, artistic snapshots, personal photos, visual animation, the weather forecast, or even a light animation in rhythm with the music being played. Namely, televisions equipped with a microphone either specimens Z2, G2, C2 (photo of LG OLED77C2 below), QNED 99 and QNED90 can be called up by voice in standby mode. It will therefore be possible to obtain weather information for example, without turning on the TV.