CES 22> New Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor for LG Oled TV and QNED Mini LED

In addition to the new Oled LG G2 Evo Brightness Booster TV series featuring new high-brightness panels from LG Display, in addition to a new 97 '' diagonal, LG unveiled this night the integration into a very wide selection of its vintage televisions 2022 of the latest evolution of its exclusive processor, the Alpha 9 Gen 5.

The fifth generation of the Alpha 9 processor will be present in the LG Oled 2022 TVs, but also in the references QNED Mini LED 99 and QNED Mini LED 95 (presentation to come) of the Asian manufacturer. The Oled LG A2 and LG B2 TV series will have an Alpha 7 Gen 5 chip on board. Likewise, except the Oled LG A2 TVs equipped with a native 50/60 Hz panel, all Oled LG 2022 TVs are equipped with a 100 panel. / 120 Hz native.

Alpha 9 Gen 5 for video and audio

More powerful than its predecessor, this latest variation of the Alpha 9 chip is always boosted by Deep Learning offers a more successful Upscaling and a new Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro algorithm which will subdivide the screen into more independent zones for a better Increased general color fidelity. As at Samsung with the Neo Quantum Processor 2022, the additional resources of the Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor will be used to give more relief to the image with a specific treatment of the objects present in the foreground for a depth of field larger.

On the sound side, the AI Sound Pro mode will offer in 2022 an Upmix 7.1.2 stereo sources, and no longer just 5.1.2.

Announced improvements which will of course be present in the new LG OLED97G2 television pictured below.