CES 22> Samsung 2022 Neo QLED TV, even more compact One Connect box and One Infinity Design

The TVs in the Samsung 2022 Neo QLED TV range with One Connect function have a significantly reduced casing compared to previous models. Likewise, the One Infinity Design of these TVs is always more successful with an extraordinary finesse of the screen.

The latest evolution of the One Connect case focused on reducing its size, 23% smaller than the 2021 model with a thickness of 33.2 mm instead of 40.8 millimeters. For the rest, it is always fixed on the rear arm of the foot, if the TV is not fixed to the wall of course, for absolute discretion.

Samsung 2022 Neo QLED TV, new design

In 2022, the extreme thinness of the screen (One Infinity Design) and the disappearance of the frame of the panel are no longer exclusive to the most posh TV series of the range (the QN900A in 2021 with a of only 15 mm). If in 2022, the latter is a bit larger with 16.9 mm under the gauge, this rating concerns many references, those of the TV series Samsung QN900B, Samsung QN800B, Samsung QN700B and Samsung QN95B.

In terms of design, we must also mention a foot now made of a simple aluminum plate absolutely superb and a frame of the LCD panel reduced to its simplest expression, allowing the displayed image to occupy 99 % of screen area. Sumptuous!