CES 22> LG Display transparent Oled concept screens

The Korean LG Display is releasing the big game at the next CES show in Las Vegas 2022 with several transparent screen concepts for professionals.

On the occasion of CES in Las Vegas 2022 from January 5 to 8, LG Display will present several concepts of transparent screens that may one day invade shopping malls and offices. The Korean manufacturer's transparent OLEDs are of course self-emissive, thin and light, and do not require a backlighting system.

Oled shelf

We start with the Oled shelf (see photos below), two 55 '' screens one above the other, with a shelf at the top. The screens can function as "normal" televisions, or they can display artwork when not in active use.

Show Window Oled

Next comes the Show Window (see photo at the bottom of this news), made up of four 55 '' OLED transparent screens. This set can replace a store window and display text overlay, making it a much more convenient digital version than commonly used decals. The Shopping Managing Showcase will also be deployed in retail locations, and it stands out with its elegant wooden support. In particular, it will be able to display an additional layer of information compared to products displayed behind the screen.

Smart Window Oled

Finally, the Smart Window is a screen that can be used in offices as a presentation TV or for videoconferences.