Samsung smartphone with retractable AND foldable screen

After the foldable screen, Samsung continues to explore new forms that smartphones could take in the future.

Last June, Samsung filed with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) a patent entitled "Electronic device capable of folding and retracting". Patent recently published and found by the site 91mobiles.

Origami smartphone

The document describes a smartphone whose screen - rollable - can retract inside the device and therefore also extend to offer a higher surface of use. What's more, the screen can also be folded, both when the screen is extended and retracted. A combination of technologies never seen before, even if the interest does not seem obvious at first glance. We imagine, for example, that the fold can form a sort of mini-laptop, with a keyboard on one part of the screen and the main display on the other.

As a reminder, patents do not provide definitive information on the final functionalities of a product, but allow us to give big clues about its design and potential functioning.