Zappiti Signature, Zappiti Reference and Zappiti Neo, Firmware update 221222

The three new multimedia players Neo, Reference and Signature from the French brand Zappiti welcome the Firmware update 221222.

As usual, the marketing of a new electronic product is most often accompanied by multiple youthful bugs. A fortiori for the launch of a whole range of multimedia players including the new Zappiti Neo, Zappiti Reference and Zappiti Signature specimens ... A few weeks after their launch, the time to centralize all user feedback, the brand therefore offers the update Firmware 221222.

New features Zappiti Neo, Zappiti Reference and Zappiti Signature

• Fixed resume play function • Fixed MKV chapters not working when launching MKV files from Zappiti Video • Fixed video playback of Blu-ray menus which were sometimes displayed on 1/4 of l screen • Auto resolution and auto frame rate are now also supported for DVDs (like Blu-Ray files) • Up / Down keys are now used to activate Fast Forward / Rewind functions (implemented for DVDs only at the moment). For standard files (MKV or others) and BD Lite mode, these functions will be implemented in the next Firmware

• Replacement of the name of the theme “Blur” by “Aurora” • For the next Firmware, it will be possible to update update the player via USB by placing a "zappiti_firmware.zff" file at the root of a USB key download) • Added support for a reset file: boot with an empty file named "zappiti_boot_reset_settings.flag" at the root of a USB stick to reset settings • Updated Hungarian, French and German translations • The Repeat button on the Zappiti remote now toggles between Off / All / One repeat modes (Rrepeat One mode added) • Fixed A / V out-of-sync issues • Fixed 3D BD support • Fixed a problem which caused the restart of the Zappiti player • Improvements in the display of streaming videos especially on encrypted streams (DRM) • The A / V synchronization setting is now memorized • Improved support for external subtitles • Various optimizations, stability improvements and bug fixes