iPhone 13 bulletproof, they are armored in Russia!

If an iPhone 13 Pro without a camera isn't enough for you, maybe a bulletproof chassis will convince you?

It is always with undisguised pleasure that we present to you the creations of the Russian company Caviar, specialized in the modification of technological products in luxurious versions. After the iPhone 12 Pro Stealth last year, Caviar returns with a 2.0 version of the iPhone 13 Pro.

It's too cool

The particularity of the Stealth models is the disappearance of the front and rear cameras, for those who want an iPhone but are afraid of being spied on through the camera modules of the device, or those who work in sensitive areas prohibiting cameras. Small bonus of this version 2.0, a bulletproof chassis designed in collaboration with the company NPO TCIT, specialized in bulletproof vests, helicopter armor and other reinforced vehicles. Just that.

99 copies

The video below proves that this iPhone will protect you from a stray bullet. On the other hand, the smartphone itself will not survive the impact. Note that there is also an armored version but which retains its cameras, in order to reach a wider audience, even if - as is usual with Caviar - these iPhones are only produced at 99 copies each.