Oled TV, good for sleep and weight loss? Yes Yes !

A Japanese study shows the advantages of the lighting emitted by Oled televisions compared to others.

Watching TV to sleep better and lose weight? Well, maybe not at this point, although researchers at the University of Tsukuba in Japan have highlighted the benefits of exposure to Oled technology over LED.

Blue light factor on sleep…

Indeed, the lighting of LED screens emits a large amount of blue light, known for its negative effects on health. On the contrary, Oled contains much less blue light, which means less impact on sleep cycles.

… And on the oxidation of fats

In addition, following exposure to Oled screens, the researchers noticed a noticeable drop in energy expenditure and body temperature during sleep, which is an influence on weight loss and other physiological changes. Additionally, fat oxidation during sleep was significantly lower after exposure to LED screens compared to OLEDs. “So exposure to light at night is linked to fat oxidation and body temperature during sleep. Our results suggest that specific types of light exposure may influence weight gain, as well as other physiological changes, ”explains Professor Tokuyama, a researcher at the University of Tsukuba.

Here is an additional and, frankly unexpected, argument in favor of Oled technology.