Nakey: “invisible” case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

Or how to protect your precious smartphone without hiding the beautiful original design.

For some, the choice is tough: protect their $ 1,000 smartphone or leave it as it is to show how beautiful it is. Because yes, a case may solidify your device, it automatically thickens it and alters its original design.

Nakey invisible shell, only 0.3mm thick

The Nakey case from the Swiss company Rolling Square aims to solve this dilemma, completely protecting (including the screen) your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 while leaving it clearly visible. The secret of this feat lies in the transparency of the protection as well as its extreme thinness: 0.3 mm (see photos above and below).

Designed in thermoformed polycarbonate, it is notably composed of 9H tempered glass, an anti-shattering layer and an oleophobic film.

To be discovered on the Indiegogo crowdfunding page.