When Apple Laughs About Stuttering?

When the iPhone associates the “face in the shoe polish” emoji with stuttering, some people feel offended.

The iPhone and iPad spell checker - especially for sending text messages - often suggests emojis to replace words. Type "heart" for example, and a nice little heart will appear in the correction suggestions. Very practical and very meaningful, a drawing often worth more than a thousand words.

Emoji error?

However, try typing "stammering" or "stammering" (or the English equivalent "stammering") and a muddy face will appear (see image below), the same one that appears if you write "drunk" or "drunk". The Stamma, an association supporting people with stuttering, was recently offended by this fact, considering it degrading and damaging. Stuttering is a debilitating psychomotor speech disorder and unfortunately too often a source of mockery, even if some people manage to overcome it, including celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley or Samuel Jackson.

The association recommends that its members and supporters report this problem on the Apple support page, with the mention “inappropriate emoji”.