Retro games, PS1, PS2 ... remastered in 4K / 8K

Of limited quality on today's televisions, the cinematics of video games of yesteryear find a new lease of life thanks to Ultra HD 8K Upscaling algorithms.

15, 20 and more years ago, video games weren't as "beautiful" as they are today, and it was on the side of the cutscenes that you had to look to have a before -taste of the future.

YouTube Upscale 8K

Alas, as successful were these scenes, today they suffer from their pre-HD resolution, making them blurry or even pixelated on today's screens, 4K and even 1080p. The Upscale YouTube channel has made it their mission to restore their cachet to these scenes by increasing their resolution using artificial intelligence algorithms. PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 1, 3D and even 2D games are displayed in 4K or even 8K to look creamy on current screens.

Some conversions are more successful than others, so we invite you to explore them by browsing the channel to (re) find your favorite games from yesteryear.