Yamaha YH-L700, Spatial Audio 3D Head Tracking Bluetooth headphones, online review

High-performance and well-finished Bluetooth headsets, there is a plethora of them. If we add active noise reduction, their number is drastically reduced. If we further add Dolby Atmos compatibility, the selection is further restricted. And if we consider the Head Tracking function, we only count the fingers of one hand. And the Yamaha YH-L700 is one of them.

Recently brought to light by Apple with the marketing of the AirPods Max headphones and AirPods Pro headphones, Head Tracking technology brings an additional dimension to the realism of the sound reproduction with the headphones. The latter contextualizes sound listening and, with the appropriate recordings (a concert for example), promotes immersion and sound sensations.

Yamaha YH-L700, Spatial Audio 3D compatible Hi-Fi headphones

Of course, the Head Tracking functionality takes on its full dimension when it is associated with a Dolby Atmos mix of music whose objective is to restore a 3D audio environment with the addition of the management of sounds placed in height by report to the auditor. This benefits the Yamaha YH-L700 headphones. And as it is also very efficient in Hi-Fi with Hi-Res Audio certification in Wired mode, the YH-L700 shows a rare versatility. If you love Blu-Ray with Dolby Atmos track, 3D Spatial Audio music or “classic” stereo music, you will not be disappointed.

To learn all about our test bench and the experience offered by the Yamaha YH-L700 headphones, the brand's latest premium headphones, click on the following link: Yamaha YH-L700.