iPhone 13 Pro limited edition, with a real T-Rex tooth!

The Tyrannophone - yes that's its name - is one of the latest creations from the Russian company Caviar.

Specializing in the luxurious customization of technological products (see the golden PlayStation 5), the Russian company Caviar is launching a line of iPhone 13 Pro called the Max Tera Collection.

iPhone Tyrannophone

Of the three models in this collection, the Tyrannophone (see photo at the bottom of this news) is certainly the most striking: the back is decorated with a tyrannosaur head in relief in titanium, with an amber eye and - hold on tight - genuine T-Rex tooth fragment (80 million years old) on jawbone.

iPhone Teradiamond

This iPhone is printed in 7 copies and sold for only 7,380 euros. Only because one of the other models in the collection - the Teradiamond pictured above - is encrusted with 1,028 diamonds, for an edition of 18 copies and a price of… 42,190 euros. You never know, if you have a little too much money…