Sony LSPX-S3, glass “candle” speaker

Sony is launching a special speaker, equipped with a glass tweeter and a subtle lighting system, the LSPX-S3, also known as Glass Sound Speakers.

A special object is this Bluetooth 5.0 LDAC LSPX-S3 speaker from Sony, fitted with an exposed cylindrical glass tweeter with three actuators. This material offers clear and powerful highs, while the shape diffuses the sound in a homogeneous way. Also of note is a 46mm diaphragm for balanced midrange and a passive radiator for clear bass.

32 levels of brightness

But the most amazing thing about this product is that the speaker also acts as a "candle", offering subtle lighting (32 levels of brightness) that flickers like a flame and can even light up. sync to music. However, it is not suitable for lighting and is positioned above all as an auxiliary and ambient light source.

Glass Sound Speakers in stereo mode

Two Sony LSPX-S3 speakers can be paired for a true stereo setup, and microphones are present to handle phone calls. With an autonomy of 8 hours and rechargeable via USB-C, the Sony LSPX-S3 speaker will be available from August at the indicative price of 350 euros.