Huawei trolls US restrictions

Forbidden for a while to sell its smartphones in the United States, Huawei prefers to laugh about it.

As you know, the US government has been putting sticks in the wheels of Chinese manufacturer Huawei since mid-2019, preventing it from doing business with American companies and even selling its smartphones in the United States, under the guise of national security . As a result, Huawei has seen its market share drop significantly around the world.

Huawei, the party to laugh about it

This does not prevent the brand from taking the situation lightly, even as a joke. As proof, this recent tweet (and its response) from Huawei USA which evokes a promotion on the occasion of Black Friday: “Special Black Friday! 100% discount on all phones we sell in the US ”-“ Okay everyone. This is just a joke. We don't have the right to sell anything in the USA ”. It's even funnier with the smileys you can see on the embedded tweet below.